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Doctoral Program in Japanese Management

1. Introduction

The Department of Business Administration of the Graduate School of International Social Sciences (GSISS) at Yokohama National University (YNU) offers a Ph.D. degree program taught entirely in English: the Doctoral Program in Japanese Management.

Japanese firms and Japanese management practices have become well known all around the world. Japanese management covers many areas of business administration, including strategy, organization, management of technology, accounting, and management science. The many characteristics of Japanese management offer the opportunity to obtain meaningful insights through in-depth study and comparison with management characteristics of other countries and regions.

Our Japanese management program seeks to admit applicants who have a deep interest in Japanese management, sufficient masters degree level understanding of the relevant field(s) and have the potential to conduct high-level original research that furthers the understanding and the application of such management to new contexts. Graduates of the program will be well positioned to become either academic researchers who are deeply familiar with the essence of Japanese management and its relationship with global business or a business professionals with robust analytical skills.

2. Program Requirements

In order to obtain a Ph.D. in Business Administration, a student must successfully complete 20 credits or more, as described below, and then undertake the successful proposal, submission, and oral defense of a doctoral dissertation. An overall GPA of 2.0 (max: 4.5) or better for courses taken at YNU is also required for graduation.

Of the 20 credits:
Eight or more credits must be from lectures.

Eight credits must be from mandatory Seminars Ia, Ib, IIa, and IIb.

Four credits must be from Workshops I, II, III, and IV or Fieldwork.

3. Admission

The following webpage explains the procedure for applying to the Doctoral Program in Japanese Management.

4. Doctoral Thesis Advisor

A student's doctoral thesis advisor is the faculty member whose Seminar serves as the primary vehicle for obtaining doctoral research guidance. The faculty members potentially available to become a thesis advisor to doctoral students in this program are as follows:

Business Administration AOKI, Hiroshi FUTAGAMI, Shiho KISHI, Naoko
KOBAYASHI, Masayoshi KONO, Hideko KUMON, Kurato
MANABE, Seiji OGAWA, Shinichi ONUMA, Masaya
SUN, Ying TAKAI, Ayako TAKEUCHI, Ryosuke
Marketing MOTOHASHI, Eiji NAKANO, Hiromi TERAMOTO, Takashi
TSURUMI, Hiroyuki YACHI, Hiroyasu
Accounting HARA, Toshio IZUMI, Hiroyuki KIMIJIMA, Mikiko
KIMURA, Akihisa MAEYAMA, Nobuyuki NAKAMURA, Hiroyuki
OMORI, Akira OTAKA, Satoru SAITO, Shinya
TAKAHASHI, Masaru TAKASU, Yusuke YAGI, Hiroyuki
Finance INOUE, Toru ITO, Yuki MORITA, Hiroshi
Management Science GUO, Peijun TANABU, Motonari

*Details about each faculty member can be found via the following website.

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