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Doctoral Program in Japanese Management

In accordance with the expansion of the global economy, Japanese firms have extended the reach of where they conduct business. Having now become well known throughout the world, “Japanese Management” is generally viewed as an effective management system that covers many areas of business administration, including strategy, organization, management of technology, accounting, and management science. There are many characteristics of Japanese management and these characteristics suggest the opportunity to obtain meaningful insights through comparison with management characteristics to other countries and regions. Our Japanese Management Program focuses on students who are interested in Japanese management and wish to study business management in specific countries and areas based on Japanese management. By completing the doctoral program, students can become either an academic researcher who is deeply familiar with the essence of Japanese management and its relationship with global business or a business professional with robust analytical skills.

※The Global Business Doctoral Program can only be selected after enrollment;it is not chosen at the time of the entrance examination for admission to Yokohama National University.

Key Dates in the Application Process

Application Eligibility Assessment November 14 – November 20, 2019
Confirmation of Application Eligibility December 19, 2019
Online Application January 10 – 16, 2020
Online Interviews February 18, 2020
Announcement of the Final Results March 6, 2020

Guide and Forms for Application

Announcement of the Final Results for October 2019 Additional Admission

How to Apply

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