Faculty Members - Department of Business Administration

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Name Subject areas and topics
AOKI, Hiroshi History of business, industry and technology in Japan and other countries
FUTAGAMI, Shiho Study on Strategic Human Resource Management, Comparative Study on Strategic Human Resource Development between Europe, U.S. and Japan, Study on Contingent Worker, Study on Female Career Development, Study on Mobility of Human Resources
GUO, Peijun Decision Sciences, Operations research, Management sciences
HARA, Toshio Financial Accounting Theory and History
HELLER, Daniel Global auto industry, strategic alliances, new product development, "monozukuri management"
INOUE, Toru Econometrics, Monetary Macro-economics and Empirical Study
ITOH, Yuki Study of financial market, security, and risk on the basis of
statistical and probabilistic approach
IZUMI, Hiroyuki Principles of Financial Accounting
KIMIJIMA, Mikiko Management Accounting for Marketing, Management Accounting System for Customer Relationship Management, and Marketing Accountability
KIMURA, Akihisa Empirical (archival) research in financial accounting
KISHI, Naoko Industry analysis
KOBAYASHI, Masayoshi Social, psychological and cultural aspects of language use; sociolinguistics; linguistic pragmatics
KONO, Hideko Suppliers’ Organizational Capabilities and Competitive Advantage
KUMON, Kurato The history of Big Business in Pre War Japan
MAEYAMA, Nobuyuki audit of financial statements and internal control
MANABE, Seiji Open Strategy & Open Innovation, Interfirm Trust, Interorganizational Learning, Supplier System, Lean Product Development
MORITA, Hiroshi Asset pricing, term structure of interest rates
MOTOHASHI, Eiji Empirical research on marketing dynamics and micro marketing
NAKAMURA, Hiroyuki Capital budgeting, Cost management for service, Control system for foreign subsidiaries in Japanese MNCs
NAKANO, Hiromi Semiotics on Advertisements (Reading Culture in Advertisements)
OGAWA, Shin-ichi Sociology of work and industry
OMORI, Akira Macro-accounting (National accounting), Environmental accounting and reporting, Sustainability accounting and reporting, and Public sector accounting
ONUMA, Masaya Construction and diffusion of "Knowledge" in innovation process. User
innovation through "cooperation".
OTAKA, Satoru Accounting Measurement and Disclosure, Accounting Standards
SAITO, Shinya Financial Accounting
SASAKI, Hidetsuna Organizational Behavior, Organizational Psychology
SATO, Ryo Methodology for service innovation strategy formulation; Design and analysis of business process and information systems
SHIBATA, Hiromichi Human Resources Management and Manufacturing Engineers
SUN, Ying Empirical study on environment-conscious corporate management, regional environmental management, diffusion of renewable energy, the international diffusion of green supply chain management, and evaluation of environmental policy
SUZUKI, Kaori Algebraic Geometry and mathematical approaches for social sciences
TAKAHASHI, Masaru Performance evaluation, profit planning, theory of cost accounting, cost
allocation (direct costing, ABC)
TAKAI, Ayako Strategic Management, Innovation Management
TAKASU, Yusuke Empirical research on financial accounting and corporate finance
TAKEUCHI, Ryosuke International Business History (History of Multinational Enterprises)
TANABU, Motonari Simulation & Gaming methodologies for designing and evaluating information
TERAMOTO, Takashi Empirical Studies on Consumer Behavior and Marketing Communication
TSURUMI, Hiroyuki Studies on the distribution and marketing using quantitative method
YACHI, Hiroyasu Marketing Strategy in the ICT industry, Technology Marketing
YAGI, Hiroyuki Ecological Accounting, Environmental Accounting, Sustainability Accounting, Environmental Strategy, Sustainability Strategy
YAMAOKA, Toru Organizational change management. Exploration, exploitation, and
ambidexterity in organizations.
YOKOZAWA, Kodo Knowledge transfer to the organisation community; Process of development of organisation collaborative improvement community

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