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Department of Business Administration

Master's Program

A new global era has arrived, with Japanese firms developing increasingly close links with the economies and companies of East and South-East Asia. There is growing demand for professionals who are able to accommodate diverse business cultures and enhance a firm's international competitiveness. In addition to imparting an understanding of the global standards of business administration and fostering an underlying competence in problem solving, the Program aims to train pragmatic international-minded graduates who are capable of effectively utilizing specialized knowledge in business administration. 

The rigorous curriculum is designed to instill in students cutting-edge knowledge in business administration, accounting, and management systems. Committed to providing students with an education that emphasizes a global perspective, the program offers such courses as International Management Theory, that specifically addresses global business issues, and Comparative Management Theory, that explores similarities and differences between Japanese and Asian business practices. In addition to each specialty, students may choose a derivative business administration subject for their Master's research topic, such as strategic theory based on computer simulations, accounting for derivatives, financial marketing, and other interdisciplinary business administration subjects.

Doctoral Program

The Department of Business Administration's Ph.D. Program is an integration of the Department of Business Management Systems and the Department of International Development Studies. In response to growing demand from society, the Program analyses globalized contemporary firms and the environmental problems that surround them by using business administrative methods and the methods of related social sciences. The Program seeks to develop human resources who are capable of contributing to the academic world of business administration, accounting, and management systems. The Program also emphasizes the training of professionals who wish to put applied research into practice. 

The curriculum seamlessly extends education from the Master's Program, which enables students to efficiently continue and advance their research. The integrated course work contributes to each student producing a strong doctoral dissertation, which is supervised by three professors. It also supports students who desire to continue their research after the completion of a Master's degree, including an MBA course. The Program offers Global Business Doctor EP (Education Program) for Master's degree graduates who wish to acquire the ability to make creative and feasible business strategies. In addition, responding to the growing demand from overseas applicants, particularly from East and South-East Asia, the Japanese Management in All-English Graduate Program has been established to allow students to complete a Ph.D. degree entirely in English.

Message from Chair


Our Department of Business Administration has its origin in the Graduate School of Business Administration, which was established in 1972. Later, a Ph.D. course in business administration was established in the Graduate School of International Development, and it was reorganized in 1999 into the International Graduate School of Social Sciences. From 2013, our graduate school has been further reorganized in response to various social needs, including changing our name to the Graduate School of International Social Sciences. We provide education in master’s and doctoral programs. Characteristics of our programs are as follows:

  • Our department consists of master's and doctor course.
  • Cross departmental programs are provided , e.g. the International Public Policy Program and the Tax Law / Accounting Program.
  • Global Business Doctor Program is provided for business persons.
  • Japanese Management Program is provide in English.
  • In addition to the standard master program, a Qualifying Examination program has been introduced for those master's students seeking to continue into the Ph.D. program at our graduate school.

In the age of the Asian development, it is necessary to develop skillful persons who can be adaptive to various business customs. In recognition of this reality, we have made numerous improvements in our programs. As a result, we can cultivate such skillful specialists, who have broad and deep knowledge in their area of expertise.

At present, there are many international students from all over the world at our university. We hope that the great potential in your future will start from the Department of Business Administration.

Chair, Department of Business Administration

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